Sunday, March 30, 2008


Kools Are On Sale!

I was out doing errands yesterday and I saw that my brand of cigarettes were on sale (again) at one of the gas stations across the street. (I live in Philadelphia). Although I already had some cigarettes I decided to buy some more because I'm not in that area all the time.

The sale price was for 2 packs of cigarettes for $6 and as you can see from the receipt I bought 2 of them which came to $12. Usually I pay around $4.50 - tax included - for a pack of Kool 100's. But this brand was called Kools X which I have never tried before but I got them anyway because of the price!

I have noticed that sometimes a store like a WaWa will have cigarettes on sale but I don't live near any of those.

So if you're looking for a good deal on cigarettes - Kools - then I suggest that you head on over there before the sale is over!

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Thursday, March 27, 2008


My Adsense Check Is On Its Way!

Thank God for Adsense!

I just checked my adsense page and saw that my adsense payment is on it's way! That means CIGARETTES for me!

I have been sorely lacking in cigarettes for the past several days.

I haven't received any donations yet so that is why I am sooooo grateful that my adsense payment is coming!

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Friday, March 14, 2008


I'm Out Of Cigarettes Again But................

Don't think for one moment that that will make me quit smoking! Quite the contrary it just makes me realize how much of a smoker I am, how much I love to smoke and how much I am going to continue to be a smoker!

I have some adsense money coming in two weeks and that will definitely be enough for me to buy a cartoon of my favorite brand of cigarettes (actually its the only brand of cigarette that I like to smoke) -

Kool 100's!

I also got an inquiry about advertising on my blog. This was a direct inquiry and not adsense. So things are looking up for me!

I am going to continue to dwell on the positive and not to dwell (or even think about the negative).....

The law of attraction has worked for me more than once before and it will work for me once again!

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Friday, March 07, 2008


It Feels Good To Have Cigarettes Again!

It feels REAL good to have cigarettes again! I was able to get a few more packs the other day because they were selling them "2 for 1". I got 2 packs for $6 - 2 packs would normally run me around $9! - so that was a very good bargain! I was just grateful that I had enough money to buy some more cigarettes! So I'm feeling really good today!

It's raining heavy, the wind is blowing cold and the weather is just basically terrible and I'm grateful to be able to be inside and not have to worry about not having any cigarettes!

Life is very good right now for me and I am grateful for it!

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